Are you struggling with IT incidents and problem management?

Today’s computing environment is a volatile minefield of distributed networks, hardware and software, made all the more challenging by rapid technological developments and a continuous flow of new regulations.

Technology facilitating most core business functions today means complex company infrastructures that demand maximum uptime and the highest levels of service. In addition, IT outsourcing has placed a spotlight on IT departments to justify the value service providers bring by demanding statistics on the levels of service they provide.

Managing this environment without the help of service management tools is an almost impossible task.

Organisations need:

  • the right tools to quickly provide answers to critical business performance questions;
  • the right tools to measure service delivery; and
  • the right tools to enable speedier time to resolution of technical problems and the removal of technological obstacles to end-user productivity.

Efficient companies are moving towards the adoption of best practices in external and internal service delivery. Latitude’s Active Servicedesk will provide your organisation with the necessary tools to professionally manage these functions.


Active ServiceDesk features include:

  • Call logging against users or devices;
  • Call tracking by priority and category;
  • Call escalations;
  • Call governing by service level agreements (SLA);
  • Call logging and management; and
  • User-defined call categories.

Core components:

  • Web-based application for enterprise deployment;
  • User-defined task definition;
  • Unlimited sub-tasks supporting business process workflow;
  • End-user call logging and task monitoring;
  • Calls logged against task type, personnel and assets; and
  • Auto call generation from e-mails and third-party monitoring software.

Business benefits include:

  • Ability to manage incidents and escalations
  • Greatly improve problem management;
  • Ability to measure incidents and support
  • Provide proactive problem management instead of the traditional reactive support;
  • Empower users to view incident and support progress and to understand the implications of logging support calls;
  • Provide easy access to statistics about incidents, problems and changes, thereby providing useful information to better manage service levels;
  • Improved service desk effectiveness thus happier users;
  • Optimised IT infrastructure efficiency;
  • Improved business process definition; and
  • Improved personnel communication. 

Rapid return on investment (ROI) is achieved through:

  • Web-based application for easy deployment;
  • Easy definition of business processes;
  • Improved customer interaction during service delivery;
  • Improved management of customer expectations;
  • Management reports supporting SLA delivery.


The right web-based tool

Latitude’s Active Servicedesk is tightly integrated with our Desktop Auditor enabling users, support engineers and service desk agents to record and efficiently manage all service delivery processes, incidents, problems, assets and queries.

Servicedesk offers a communication platform between IT consumers and infrastructure support staff; allows e-mails to be sent to end users that logged an incident, informing them that the issue is being addressed. Servicedesk provides updates on resolution progress; ensures that work orders are issued and calls are logged, guarantees that end users in the organisation can interact with IT support staff regarding changes or support issues.

Servicedesk also enables the capturing and measurement of service level targets through the association of tasks with expected deliveries, along with the provision of management information to reflect on actual performance.

As a Web-based tool Active Servicedesk enables customers to:

  • Log and monitor service requests and incidents;
  • Track and manage service request lifecycles;
  • Implement problem management processes;
  • Improve customer service efficiency;
  • Understand where service delivery problems originate; and
  • Measure customer satisfaction

Latitude Software’s highly scalable solutions are designed to match, and go beyond current global IT asset management applications while maintaining affordability. As testimony to our technology, some of our customers include:

The right fit for any industry

Today, business must dictate to technology on how the business operates. Technology must be highly configurable ensuring alignment to business requirements and processes.

Managing expectations is an integral part of a happy

organisation. Active Servicedesk provides the mechanism

that enables business processes to be implemented and

service deliverables measured. It becomes the central

point of communication in a company and delivers the

statistics to quantify service delivery.



Technology requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows platform
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) 5 or later
  • Microsoft SQL 2000 or Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) database
  • Linux with Apache Web server