Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Predictive Analytics


Artificial Intelligence-based decisioning helps banks and insurers expediate workflow, reduce the volume of customer calls coming into the call centre, improve customer service and streamline credit scoring. Smart use of AI and ML means viewing financial services operations through both an automation and augmentation perspective.

Machine learning in the financial Sector

  • Predict the likelihood a loan, credit card or mortgage will default.
  • Detection of fraud.
  • Reducing false positives on anti-money laundering.
  • Prevention of churn of customers, especially high value customers.
  • Prediction of debt collection with likeness of success.

OQLIS removes the complexity of combining big data, business intelligence, intelligent automation and machine learning to uncover profound insights, faster, better and more beautifully than ever before.

Ongoing refinement of models


      • Scenario Simulation in real time
      • Fit of model with ongoing change in data
      • Accuracy of prediction
      • Re-testing and re-fitting with changes in data
      • Accelerating Productivity


Manage Multiple Datasets

      • Connect to various data sources
      • Know the health of the data source
      • Prepare the data for algorithm testing

Ease of use

      • Leverage a ML contest with the best Algorithms declared champion
      • Source to model to deploy in record time
      • Top performing Algorithm with in a leader board
      • Best fit for the best predictive outcome
      • Flexibility and performance in real time
      • Accuracy scoring of predictions