See. Stop. Secure.

Seceon provides a simple, fully automated approach to detecting and stopping the threats that lurk in the murky depths, just waiting to jeopardise your enterprise. Leveraging an unmatched combination of behavioural analysis, machine learning and dynamic threat intelligence, Seceon delivers rich visibility, holistic threat detection and rapid threat containment – in minutes, not months. Whenever you face compromised credentials, advanced persistent threats, insider activity, or other threat sources, Seceon helps you quickly deep-dive and stop the threats that matter. Right now!

Key Benefits:

Reduce MTTR with Automatic Threat Remediation

  • Clear actionable steps to contain and eliminate threats in real-time
  • Formalized and automated incident response workflows

Reduce MTTI with Proactive Threat Detection

  • Proactively detects threats that matter in real-time without agent or alert fatigue
  • Performs threat detection across multi-cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments

Continuous Compliance and Monitoring

  • Reports for regulatory compliance (HIPAA, PCI, NIST, FINRA, GDPR) and investigation support
  • Log indexing, long-term storage and data analytics

Comprehensive Visibility

  • Ingests raw streaming data (Logs, Packets, Flows, Identities) to provide unparalleled real-time view of all assets and their interactions
  • Logically auto discovers and creates asset groups

Efficient Operations and Management

  • Fast, flexible and scalable deployment on-premise with single or multiple sites, in the cloud or hybrid
  • Fixed CAPEX/OPEX expenses


aiSIEM™ is a modern security information and event management platform that visualizes, detects, and eliminates threats in real-time with continuous security posture improvement, compliance monitoring and reporting, and policy management.

Seceon® aiSIEMTM  is a powerful complement to Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW), empowering Enterprises and MSSPs to detect and eliminate all known and unknown cyber threats in real-time.  It uses elastic compute power, dynamic threat models, behavioral analytics, advanced machine learning (ML), AI with actionable intelligence with proprietary feature engineering and anomaly detection algorithms that don’t require daily tuning.

aiSIEM provides zero-trust security in a digital era – increases SOC efficiency by over 80% while dramatically lowering its operational cost.


The key salient features of aiSIEM solution include:

  • Robust, large-scale data collection from cloud and all data sources (network, endpoints, identities, etc.) in streaming platform, which scales to billions of events handling per second with context
  • Analyzes logs & data and incorporates threat intelligence feeds for correlation and enrichment
  • Enhanced data analytics beyond rules with contextual real-time alerts for “threats-that-matter” and automated response
  • Simplified licensing for comprehensive threat detection
  • Scalable architecture with support for multi-tenancy & data segregation