senhasegura® is the only full stack PAM Platform that covers the entire Privilege Access Management Lifecycle; before, during and after a privileged credential is used.

By taking the traditional complexity away from deploying PAM, our solution is easy to use and results in the fastest time-to-value.



senhasegura® is a software and/or hardware system that stores, manages, and monitors all credentials such as passwords, SSH keys, and digital certificates in a secure, tamper-resistant location.  Through the use of encryption mechanisms, the password vault offers users the ability to use a password only to access a series of credentials registered in senhasegura®. All network resources can be accessed through the SSH, RDP, VNC, HTTP and other protocols, storing all history of their use for auditing and compliance analysis.


How it Works

senhasegura® securely centralizes all of your credentials.

Exposure and misuse of privileged accounts is extremely inviting to cyber- attacks.  In recent attacks on corporations of all sizes, attackers steal and exploit privileged accounts to take hostile control of the entire enterprise infrastructure.

Once hackers gain access to privileged credentials they can exploit the entire network space, literally moving across the corporate network undetected.

A typical attack takes place in phases

  1. Harvesting: Collect leaked credentials associated with target organization personal via email harvesting, social sites, dark web dump sites etc.
  2. Account Access: Test harvested credentials against authentication requirements of target applications using automated tools.
  3. Data Exfiltration: Collect personal data for future use or other illegal actions.
  4. List Stuffing: Add stolen credentials to original list of harvested credentials for future attacks.

senhasegura® protects against this type of attack through its various security capabilities. Privileged Identities and Access are core concepts for security and privacy by design. Further, the volume of Privileged Credentials that require management are increasing exponentially. At senhasegura® we consolidate all privileged identities and access in one single PAM platform for IT and OT environments for efficient management

Our technology is recognized as one of the best products in the world, according to Gartner in its Critical Capabilities’ report for PAM.


The main functions of the senhasegura solution in the corporate environment are:

  • Protecting the organization and high privilege credentials
  • Making the organization compliant with numerous regulatory requirements, such as ISO 27001, PCI DSS and SOX;
  • Streamlining internal and external audit processes;
  • Increasing productivity and efficiency;
  • Tracking important actions to discourage fraud.

Technical characteristics

Some of the system’s technical features include:

  • Ability to securely store a series of credentials, from SSL certificates to social network passwords;
  • Automatic discovery of devices and user accounts in the corporate network;
  • Delivery of the authenticated session without exposing the user’s password;
  • All sessions provided by senhasegura may be recorded on video;
  • Automatic password change;
  • Access to a resource via email or SMS authorization;
  • Protection of hardcoded passwords or configuration files;
  • Use of SSH clients;
  • SSH and Telnet command audit;
  • Custody of multi-user passwords