ProStream Vendor Management System (VMS) provides a timely and transparent flow of information between you and your suppliers. You need accurate and up-to-date supplier information and your suppliers need updates on their purchase orders, invoices and payments. ProStream VMS empowers your suppliers with self-service access and reduce the burden on you and your accounts team.

Key Features

  • ProStream vendor management portal facilitates the exchange of information between you and your suppliers.
  • By connecting directly to your ERP systems, it provides visibility over the information suppliers need to effectively do business with you.
  • Access to current and historical purchase orders, invoices, credit notes and payments.
  • Up-to-date invoice status information.
  • Visibility into supplier master data.
  • Comprehensive payment remittance details.
  • Email alerts to immediately notify suppliers of applicable changes.
  • Take the complexity out of collecting, validating and managing supplier data to increase productivity and minimize operational costs.
  • Suppliers can access and request changes to their master data, ensuring it stays accurate and up to date.
  • Supports the maintenance of payment methods, addresses, bank details, tax identifiers, certifications and more.
  • Streamlined creation of new supplier data.
  • Enforce compliance requirements.
  • Workflows to validate supplier data.
  • Mitigate risk.
  • Interact and communicate with suppliers easily and efficiently.
  • Manage disputes on a document or post global messages to your entire supplier base, all in one centralized place.
  • Document specific messaging on transactional documents to streamline inquiries and dispute resolution.
  • For companies using SAP, messaging can be recorded directly in your ERP system.

Key Benefits


Reduce Incoming Supplier Calls

Make the countless calls and emails from suppliers asking about the status of their invoices and payments a thing of the past. Give your suppliers 24/7 access to the information they need in an intuitive online portal.


Maintain Supplier Details Without Hassle

When you have thousands of suppliers, keeping all of their information up-to-date can be an overwhelming task. Stop chasing your suppliers for tax forms and bank account details by offering an easy-to-use tool for them to maintain it for you.


Streamline Suppliers’ Communications

Reduce the backlog of emails in your inbox and ensure nothing gets missed. Messaging directly with suppliers through the Taulia portal keeps all communication in one place and associated with the document being discussed.